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Wild Things: Camping with “The Space Canoe from Space”

Camp site

Camp Site, Fallensby Clear Pond, Labor Day Weekend


Thought we’d offer a moment to soak up some nature — looking back at our canoe camping trip earlier this month. If you’re campers like we are, you’ll know that when camping is great it’s GREAT, and when it’s horrible it’s… horrible. We got lucky this year, and it was as good as it gets. We loaded up the canoe and headed to the Adirondacks — to a region of small lakes where there are no reserved campsites. Rather, you paddle and find a spot.

On these trips everything we need has to fit into our canoe. We use Mr. BOP’s canoe from childhood — now a 40+ year old Grumman aluminum beauty. This camping trip, the cousins finally gave it a name; “The Space Canoe from Space” {said with a distant-sounding announcer voice}. Here are my parents, Dick and Dorothy, leading the way. They are the camping experts among us, thank goodness.

D&D in Canoe


“D&D” found our new home for the weekend and we parked our canoes.

Canoe Camping

The cousins became completely absorbed in making a village out of bark and moss found around the campsite. My nephews Daniel and Emmett aren’t pictured here, but they worked so hard on this creation!

Here’s the big picture view of the cousins’ miniature town. See the round park in the middle and all of the buildings around the edge?

Little Village in the Woods

Highlights included an airport, with all of Daniel and Emmett’s planes {the runway, in the second picture}


Image 5

City Hall…City Hall

And a circular park, with tiny trees.

Tiny Park

Image 6

The Space Canoe from Space also was put to good use, doing what it does best.

It gets sunk and becomes the best water toy ever.

Space Canoe

Camping is not easy, and it’s not always fun — but we’re {almost} always glad that we went.

We love being wild things!

Next post, we’ll be back to something more practical — Part Two of “Fresh Finds for On the Go Families”

Until then, in case you happened to miss this viral awesomeness — and in keeping with our nature theme…

“What Does the Fox Say?”

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