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We’re Back, Baby

Olliebop was conspicuously absent from the blogosphere this summer. Yep, once again computer time had to be sacrificed — as were very very busy having the most jam-packed summer ever!

We really did it ALL {three family reunions, for example}. We drove many miles, packed many bags, learned many things, hugged many relatives …. Did. It. All! Sure, our summer had its bumps and challenges — but overall, it was something to savor.

Even Ollie and his buddies can’t quite believe that it’s over.

Dogs on the dock

Charlie, Ollie, and Fonzie on the Dock in Maine


This was the first year ever that just weren’t quite ready to get back to school — but it happened last week, regardless. Our rapidly-growing duo {trio}, on the first day of school — one sophomore, one 7th grader, and one faithful bus buddy:

Olliebop Back to School 2013

Hudson, Ollie, and Ella First Day of School 2013


Looking at this picture makes me think of this same pose and moment in years past — always a rushed pic on the first day of school, with the rumbling sound of the bus in the distance.

This morning I searched “back to school” in the iPhoto library. Here’s one from the archives; first day of school, 2005. Hudson, a first grader and Ella headed to Pre-K. No Ollie, since we didn’t adopt him until 2006. Oh, those faces!

1st Day of School '05 003

Hudson and Ella First Day of School 2005 {pre Ollie}


And speaking of time passing…Something that blew my sentimental mind this week was a notice from the vet that Ollie is due for his “senior” checkup. At the ripe age of 7 3/4 he is officially a senior citizen of the dog world. Although his coat is getting lighter and his eyelashes are white, I still hadn’t thought of him in that category because he’s still so fun and frisky.  Nonetheless, this notification inspired me to buy him a new memory foam Orvis bed, {on sale} to make both of us feel better.

We are adjusting to the idea of structure, homework, and colder weather once again. AND — brace yourself — I have PREPPED AND PRESCHEDULED THE NEXT FOUR POSTS. I’m quite pleased with myself. Next post will go up in three days, on Monday {delivered via email Tuesday morning}, featuring some fabulous finds to make the those crazy busy days all the better.

Here’s to what next! Happy Fall to you!

xo, BOP

Ollie, Charlie and Fonzie on the Dock in Maine

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6 Responses

  1. Karen Amirault says:

    Missed you! So glad you’re back on track. Harvest Fairez-vous?


  2. Kimberly says:

    Happiest of Falls!! Love the picture of the kids back in the day SO cute.

    • olliebop says:

      Thanks, Kim! And a Happy Fall to you! I love looking back at old photos, especially those that mark each passing year so perfectly — first day of school, Christmas morning, halloween. It’s a tiny bit heartbreaking, though…. I would freeze them if I could {well, I would have done it a while ago, at least!}.

  3. Helen says:

    omg beth; the first day of school photos are priceless; and I love the idea from a while back of photographing the kids’ rooms…going to do that tomorrow! H

    • olliebop says:

      Thanks, Helen!
      I also took some pictures when their rooms were trashed. It’s fun to capture in both states — the “natural” state and the cleaned-up-temporarily state!

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