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Wahoo! Summer!

Well, hello there!

Happy Summer! It’s off to a very fast start around here…. I blinked, and school was over. No more Regents Exams or field trips, or bags and heaps of papers being emptied from lockers. Done! We now have one 7th grader and one sophomore in our midst. Crazy. And aside from a few nagging comments about the need to read or spend time on Kahn Academy, things are pretty chill around here. We were so ready for a break.

In celebration of our newfound freedom, I thought I’d share some pics I took earlier this month, just before we opened the pool. If you’re a regular Olliebop reader, you’ll remember that we started a questionable tradition a few years back — that of running on top of the pool cover {which could “hold an elephant”} before we officially open the pool each spring.

This year, Ella and her dear friend Rena did the honors. I love seeing their lit-up faces, ready for doing something out of the ordinary.

Here’s to summer, and all things fun and free. Bring it on!

Pool Running 1

Pool Running 2

Ella Pool Running

pool 7


xo – BOP

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  1. Yes, Welcome to summer!! We have one more week of school over on this side of the pond. (Well, my youngest 2 daughters actually). I too can’t believe another year has zoomed by…
    Our summer has been slow to arrive – but now that it’s July – the forecast all of a sudden looks warmer and sunnier!! Here’s to summer!

    Thanks for the fun photos! Always fun to see kids just being kids!! Enjoy!!

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