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Empty Nesters

I hope you’re not minding my nature photography kick lately (first the weeds; and then the nest) — but I want to tell you what became of those beautiful little blue eggs…

A few days after the first nest picture, we noticed that one robin had hatched. A few hours later, another. Here are first two, waiting for their third birdie sibling:

Robins Just Hatched

Several days later, all three were desperate and helpless. Every time we walked down the steps of the deck (the nest was in plain view, just off the railing), they would do this:

Robins Wanting Worms

I swear; they looked like Muppets!  Weird, fascinating, helpless little Muppets.

I did check on the robins now and then, although I failed to capture their early adolescent stage on “film” (now there’s a metaphor!). And next thing we knew — two weeks later —  the nest was empty!  I have since Googled the fact that it takes a mere 13 days for robins to leave the nest after hatching — so our robins were developmentally on track.

So, we’re empty nesters. Sure do miss those little Muppets.

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  1. Sue says:

    Time does fly- now you see them, now you don’t. Great photos, Beth!

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