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Olliebop Shops: Holiday Gifts For Tween & Teen Girls

Ta Da! Here’s the first of the Olliebop Holiday Gift Guides — part of my grand plan to kick-start our shopping together. I kept my eye out for things that are fun, colorful, cozy, and a bit different than the usual. Ollie did too! Gifts that might help us all slow down and enjoy — the joy – of the season.

There are separate guides for boys and girls, but there are gifts on both lists that either would enjoy. Stay tuned for the guys’ turn in just a few days!

You won’t find much with a cord or battery in the Olliebop guides … I figure that’s what Best Buy is for. You will find unusual, meaningful, and handmade items — and if you’re new to Etsy, you’re in for such a treat! I have yet to have a single Etsy buying experience that wasn’t completely marvelous. I just keep coming back for more.

Got your list? Budget? Slippers? Favorite Beverage? Um, credit card? GO!

  1. Smash Book & Accessories {$13 for the book} A huge hit on our family vacation! Learn more here.
  2. Foster an Orphan Elephant or Rhino {$50+} Via The David Shedrick Wildlife Trust, a highly regarded organization recently featured in the movie, Born to Be Wild.
  3. Funky “Wrought Iron” Headboard, made out of vinyl {$40}. Take a peek around Blik for artsy wall goodies.
  4. Wool Coin Purse {$17-$25} By NapKitten on Etsy. Beautiful colors and designs to choose from.
  5. Moon Boots {$100} Need I say more…? Mr. BOP tells me that he had a pair of silver and red ones in his youth!
  6. Personalized Photo Notepads {$25} By SmallCreatures on Etsy. Ordering from Wendy and her shop is a pleasure.
  7. Delicous Lip Balm {$3.50 and Up} By LemonCitrus on Etsy. So many yummy flavors!
  8. Create Your Own Chandelier {$15-$46} By Seequin on Etsy. This one takes some imagination… give with some glittery craft supplies and let her go nuts.
  9. Sterling Silver Bracelets for Sisters or BFFs {$48 for two} By BeCharmedDesigns on Etsy. Individual initials and many other designs, too. Seller is in Zurich, but shipping is $3.50 and reviews rave about the quick turnaround.
  10. The Secret Series Boxed Set {$49} Or, give the recently released 5th book, You Have To Stop This if your tween has already devoured the first four. Learn more about this captivating series here.
  11. World’s Smallest Post Office Kit {$23} For do-it-yourself mini mail, or have the World’s Smallest Postal Service mail a teeny tiny letter or package for you instead.
  12. Barefoot Dreams Robe {$77} A splurge, but this is one of Ella’s favorite things after receiving a robe for her birthday. This links to the youth size, but adult sizes for teens can be found here, too. Now this is on my wish list.

For those who aren’t regular Etsy users… If an item is “sold,” look around the shop for a similar or identical item. To see an entire Etsy shop look to the right of the item page and click on the small blue shop name. Viola!

I love these separately but aren’t they fabulous together? Wild Air 13″ x 19″ Print {$22} By TheWheatfield on Etsy. With Sand and Saltwater Perfume {$9} By LemonCitrus on Etsy {who also made the Lip Balm Collection, above}. I normally would hesitate to order a scent unsniffed, but the reviewers have me convinced!

Oh, look. There’s more! With teens in mind…

    1. Vintage Apothecary Terrarium With Handmade Mushrooms {$38} by DoodleBirdie. Variety of styles and sizes.
    2. Crocheted Yellow Beanie {$39} By Beyondinfiknitty on Etsy.
    3. Gold Hoop Recycled Guitar String Earrings {$26} by CheapDateJewelry on Etsy. Great gift boxing, too.
    4. “Hello” Sign From Recycled Wood {$42} By WilliamDohman on Etsy. Many words, colors, and phrases.
    5. Custom Artwork Made With Pages From the Book of Your Choice {$100}. I just love this! Other styles allow for including special names or a message. About $20 shipping from London, but reviews praise the seller’s speed {15-20 days turnaround, so order soon}.
    6. Hand Blocked Cosmetic Bag {$12-$19, plus $7 for Monogram} From West Elm.
    7. Cute Tape {About $6}. Tape is all the rage, and there’s so much cute tape here. Also at Paper Dolls on Broadway, right here in Saratoga.
    8. Maharani Jewelry Box {$55} From Sundance.
    9. Freewater House Shoes – purchase provides clean drinking water for one person for one year {$45}. I saw these in this month’s O Magazine’s Favorite Things List. Once I watched this fun video, I was sold! These not only do some genuine good, but the liners snap out and can go in the washer. Styles for both men and women.
    10. A Group of Funky Vintage Frames {About $45} By MelissaP6908 on Etsy, who offers groupings of reclaimed frames painted in fun colors.
    11. Custom Color Ruffle Rose Pillow {$28} By ThatFunkyBoutique on Etsy. It’s like candy for the couch.
    12. Teens Cook: How To Cook What You Want to Eat {$12.50}

 And there’s this; a joyful, upbeat book for those days: Everything Is Going to Be OK  {$10} from Amazon.

I can’t resist linking to a few other “extra” goodies: Boo, The Life of the World’s Cutest Dog, an Unusual DIY project {this whole shop is cool}, a subscription to Discovery Girls Magazine for tweens, a Beautiful “Brand New Day” Print, and My Listography: My Amazing Life in Lists. You could also click here, and here from the Olliebop archives for yet, a few more finds.

See you in a few days when we shop for the guys! Goodnight, my dear.

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  1. Val Collins says:

    LOVE these ideas! I just bought a wool coin purse for myself! So much for holiday shopping…. :)

  2. elizabeth says:

    awesome collection and your time saved me a TON of time – thanks OllieBOP!

  3. Great finds! I’ve always loved the “wild air” print. Thanks for including my ruffle rose products!

  4. napkitten says:

    Wow, How beautiful the collections are!!! I feel holiday is coming :oP

  5. Thank you so much for the lovely feature! Such unique finds. xoxo

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  7. Diane says:

    Excited with the ideas…It is that time to start thinking about the holidays…Thanks.

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