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What Happens When Mr. BOP’s in Charge

It was a recent Spring day.  I was in the back yard, peacefully taking this nature photo {notice the fancy photo editing with Piknic!}.  Up to my eyeballs this particular hosta, unfurling… isn’t it lovely?


Our pool, still closed up and covered for the season, was nearby. Suddenly, jarred from my placid nature-girl moment, I heard Mr. BOP yelling from the pool area “Quick! Bring the camera!” Running, I passed through the gate, rounded the bend, and was greeted by this:






I paused, wondering should I chastise … JOIN? I nearly went into full-on MOM mode, my version of which would be likely to squash the whole thing. But Mr. BOP reassured that “the company says the cover will hold an elephant,” so I picked up the camera and I went with it.

I believe we’ve started a new Spring and Fall tradition!  And maybe this is something that lots of pool owners do and I just didn’t realize {do you?}.  The pool is uncovered now, so no more elephant-holding for a while.  But, I’m already looking forward to next time.  And I have to admit, it’s a good thing I wasn’t there to start with … because I would have looked for a sensible reason to say “no.”  And we all would have missed out on springtime magic of the most vibrant kind.



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  1. Christianne says:

    FANTASTIC pictures!!! I DEFINITELY would have put an end to that. Thank you fr helping me say ‘YES!’ in the future. xo

  2. olliebop says:

    My friend, Diane, has also “taught” me to let the kids ripstick in the house! The scratches on the floors and the fingerprints on the walls aren’t too bad… and in the winter it’s so much fun for them. As long as it’s safe and only mildly disruptive, I’m trying to say “yes.”

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