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Ollie’s “No Stink” Collar

Ollie’s not afraid to admit it; he’s been known to roll in all sorts of stinky stuff that is really quite revolting.  Even his fear of the garden hose hasn’t helped him kick the habit.  The cleanup process has been made easier by Dublin Dog’s sturdy rubber collar that can be washed and stink-free in minutes.  It’s 100% waterproof and resistant to bacteria.  If you’re here in Saratoga Springs, NY stop at our wonderful store, Dawgdom and pick one up! Otherwise, you can find all sorts of colors and styles here.


Ollie’s current Dublin Dog collar style. The Argyle/Crossbones combination gives him a certain Preppy Pirate mystique.


2 Responses

  1. Jennifer Mildonian says:

    This is awesome I totally want to find one for Enzo! What a cool web idea BOP!

  2. Sara Ellis says:

    Great blog! Thanks for plugging DAWGDOM and the Dublin’s! They are the best!

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